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"TCA" drops used with any / all manufactures slow or fast color/bleach products, holds color longer virtually eliminating color fadeout. Reds included!

"TCA" drops used with any / all manufactures color/bleach products will super-silky condition hair immediately, with amazing results.

"TCA" drops used with any / all manufacturers slow color/bleach products can process color/bleach three ways. 1. As specified on manufacturers color/bleach package (30-45 minutes processing) 2. When used with a plastic cap and body heat (half the processing time) 3. Using a low heat dryer (ten minutes or less processing time).

"TCA" drops added to any / all perm neutralizer's (3-5 drops/shake well), will make for dynamic wave/curl patterns, with less relaxation and an immediate super-silky hair condition will result, that you can see and feel.

"TCA" drops applied to any / all moisturizing conditioner's and wrapped with a wet squeezed steamy towel, will allow hair to become super-silky conditioned, where you can see and feel results immediately.  A value added service for extremely dry damaged hair. ("TCA" Spa Condition Treatment, 20 drops - 20 minutes - $100.00)

What is TCA?
Another innovative product from hairstylist to hairstylists, since 1986.  Our all natural product "TCA" processes hair color in just 4 to 10 minutes, when added to any manufacturers brand of color, in conjunction with low heat.

"TCA" is a non-irritating hair color additive which consists of antioxidants and vitamins.  Our product does not include oxygen boosters or enzymes.  "TCA" has been tested with most major color lines throughout the world and the results are well received.  In half head tests the sides included with this additive, process color in 10 minutes or less verses the sides processed without it's use.

Hairstylists as well as clients notice better condition to the hair shaft as well as typical color fade out reduced by 80%.

1.Why use "TCA" and what are the benefits?
Customers appreciate quicker color services, less fade out and better overall condition to the hair. Stylists can accommodate more customer volume.

2. What accelerates the color process?
The ingredients listed below in conjunction with low heat, (plastic Bag 15 holes) opens the cuticle faster and allows the color to deposit faster.

3. Why use a preheated dryer on low heat (plastic bag 15 holes) while processing these services?
To open the cuticle faster.

4. Why use a pre-punched plastic BAG with holes on all services except when foiling?
 The holes will let the heat escape and not build up to irritate the scalp.

5. Where can I buy the pre-punched plastic caps?
 Ask your favorite sales rep or local distributor to purchase from us.

6. What happens when no heat is applied?
The hair type becomes super conditioned where you can see and feel the difference. The fade out associated with hair color is virtually eliminated (red shades included). There will be no acceleration or time saved. "TCA" should be used on ALL color/bleach services.

7. Can "TCA" be added to any volume peroxide?
Yes, any volume 10% to 100%.

8. Initially how can I gauge the processing time on my services using low heat?
Rule of thumb is a 30 minute service on regrowth will be completed in 4 - 10 minutes. Color services that take 45 minutes on regrowth or being super resistant,
should be completed in 15 minutes. Super resistant regrowth hair taking 1 hour or more to complete is generally completed in 18 minutes TCA can never
over process during services. (see #21)

9. Why is TCA formula crystal clear?
TCA's Original Formula is crystal clear, so as not to change your color formulation. Example: If an accelerator formula was yellow, blue based color with yellow would equal green and distort the intended formulation.

10.  What condition will hair be left in after color servicing?
The texture and condition of the hair shaft will be softer, shinier and more vibrant.

11. Do some hair types tend to exhibit drying effects
upon customer retouch returns?
Most hair types exhibit super conditioned hair upon returning. In some cases if dry effect seems obvious, customer should be advised to maintain home use with
professional shampoo for color treated hair and moisturizing conditioner.

12. What effect will long term use have on hair?

13. Is there any change in the ph of hair with color products?
No, ph remains the same.

14.  Can "TCA" be used with semi permanent color or  demi color?
Yes, add drops into formulation and apply. *see formulations below* Check at 8 minutes (completion time between 8-10 minutes). For super resistant grey hair
(completion time 15-18 minutes). see #3, #5

15. Can "TCA" be used with permanent color?
Yes, add drops into formulation and apply. *see formulations below* Check at 8 minutes (completion time between 8-10 minutes). For super resistant grey hair
(completion time 15-18 minutes). see #3, #5

16. When refreshing ends should customer go back under dryer?
No, Bring color to ends. Refresh for 4-5 minutes

17. Can "TCA" be used with on the scalp bleach?
Yes, add 17-20 drops to formulation and apply. Check at 5 minutes (completion time 5-8 minutes). When remixing more product for shortage, add 5 extra drops.

18.  Can "TCA" be used with foiling and high lift applications?
Yes, add 17-20 drops into formulation and apply. Check at 5 minutes (completion time 5-8 minutes). When remixing more product for shortage, add 5 extra drops.
No Cap Needed.

19.  Can "TCA" be used with creme color?

20.  Does "TCA" stain facial skin?

21.  Can "TCA" over process during services?
Particular care should be exercised with flyaway fine hair. Fine hair type should be watched carefully and not over processed. There are no other cases of over processing with any other hair types.

22. When will activation of formulation start?
Activation starts only after low heat is applied. see #3

23. What is the full procedure from regrowth to ends?
Apply color with "TCA" drops to regrowth and process. (low heat dryer) After testing and color completion, comb thru and mush into hair strand and ends. Let sit 4-5 minutes (No dryer heat needed) during this cool down period. Shampoo or rinse per normal manufacturers directions.

24. Can you perm over "TCA"?
Yes, "TCA" does not effect perming. As always, lapse time 7-10 days between services is advised.

25. Is the color achieved different using "TCA" on red shades?
Depending on the manufacturers color, most services are achieved exactly as you have formulated. In some exceptions drop 1/2 to one level to achieve exact
results.  Example: If it's a level 8 drop to level 7.

26.  Color normally drips on the hairline, what will "TCA" do in this situation?
Because "TCA" thickens the formulation of color, dripping will decrease by 70% or be totally eliminated, in some cases.

27.  If customer has rosacea skin condition can this product be used?
No. The oils in our product can possibly cause irritation, and we do not recommend its use.

28. What should I do if customer complains of tingling sensations or burning?
Check the heat setting, it should be on low heat (warm only). Be sure to cover the hair with a plastic Bag with a minimum of 15 holes. If this problem persists
this customer has a sensitive scalp and our product should not be used. Remove immediately.

29. Is there any guarantee on "TCA" performance with manufacturer's products?
Our company has had adequate insurance since 1981 and has never had any incidence reported. We guarantee acceleration, super conditioned hair and minimal

30. How many applications are in "TCA" 1.25 fl. oz. (3.5 ml.) bottle?
Approximately 55 applications.

31. How do I use "TCA" as a conditioning spa treatment?
Mix 20-25 drops with two ounces of conditioner, and let the client sit under the dryer for 10-15, minutes watch for tremendous results!

32. Can you use "TCA" in perming?
Yes! Reports show 3-5 drops added to perm neutralizer (shake well) makes for dynamic patterns as well as super conditioned hair.

33. What should I do to cover a head with 75% white/grey hair and super resistant?
Add more color, less developer along with "TCA", which should give more pigment for quicker and complete color coverage. (see #36 & 37)

34. Can double process services ever be completed in one process?
Yes, test for desired results. "TCA" can accomplish a double process in a single process in some cases.

35. What can I do to accelerate the processing of super resistant trouble spots, hairlines and/or areas affected by medication(s)?
Use TCA2 Assist in conjunction with "TCA" Accelerator.

36. What exactly is TCA2 Assist?
TCA2 Assist provides quicker hair color coverage for super resistant root/regrowth areas, hairlines and resistant trouble spots. TCA2 Assist should be used in
conjuction with "TCA" to speed up and lesson processing of trouble spots time thus assisting "TCA" color process on the hard-to-take color areas or whole heads
that are more than 75% white/grey.

37. What is STB (Stop The Burn)?
STB is a conditioning agent that protects the hair and scalp from the effects of harsh chemical processes, and eliminates scalp burn and skin irritation. STB drops
should be included within color/bleach mixture.

38. Is "TCA" applied with a color safe to apply to eyebrows?
No. We do not recommend it's use.

39. Can "TCA" be used with lights, rollerball or speed processor?
Yes... You will speed up slightly more, with super conditioned hair and fadeout eliminated.

PCS (Protector-Conditioner-Style Aid)

40A. What is PCS? (Protector-Conditioner-Style Aid)
PCS is an antioxidant styling aid spray and leave-in conditioner. Antioxidants find oxygen and render it harmless. Rendering oxygen harmless with PCS:30 is
necessary to prevent fade out and damage to the hair, while saving styling time on coarse and fine hair by 20% thus saving you work time.

40B.  Why should we use PCS?
There is always leftover peroxide when hair is colored or highlighted. This residual peroxide together with sunlight makes color fade. PCS:30 prevents premature color fading by eliminating the left over residual peroxide which causes chemical fade out and from the ultraviolet light (sun light) that together cause hair color to

40C.  How does PCS work?
PCS utilizes unique botanical extracts that act as a reducing agent (picks up oxygen and eliminates it) breaking down Hydrogen Peroxide molecules, converting
them into water and air.

40D. Can you prove PCS works?
Yes, with a one-minute simple test. TAKE THE TEST!!!! Pour 1/4 to 1/2oz. 20 or 30 volume liquid peroxide into a glass and add 5-6 drops of PCS. Immediately you will see bubbles form on surface indicative of peroxide breaking down to water and air (bubbles).

40E. What happens when Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down?
The by products are water and Air. Air dissipates to the atmosphere and the remaining water supplies moisture to the hair. Thus protecting hair from the
Residual Peroxide.

40F. Who should use PCS?
Any patron that colors, tints or highlights their hair to prevent residual peroxide damage. Customer should use PCS for everyday maintenance

40G. How do I apply PCS to hair?
Spray PCS in wet or damp hair after shampooing and leave in as an all day conditioner and styling aid. You will notice blow out, iron, styling decreased by 20%
meaning less work for you.

40H. Can PCS be used on finished styles?
Yes, PCS does not coat hair being water based, but does leave an invisible barrier stopping sun and environmental fadeout while reactivating products
already in hair. PCS can also be used at the beach as hair sun block.

PCS is available thru your local distributor in:  32oz./928ML, 8.5oz./244ML, and 2oz./58ML. purse size.

TCA Formulations

Formulation Chart
Any total formulation of color
with developer/peroxide
together equaling:

2 oz. add 10 drops
3 oz. add 13 drops
4 oz. add 17 drops
6 oz. add 22-25 drops

foil/bleach/hi-lifts add 17-20 drops
For shortage and re-mixing
add 5 extra drops


Metric Conversion
metric to ounces
 30 ml = 1 oz
60 ml  = 2 oz
90 ml  = 3 oz
120 ml = 4 oz
150 ml = 5 oz
180 ml = 6 oz
210 ml = 7 oz
240 ml = 8 oz

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