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Shampoo Bag   $24.95

Style Bag    $32.95

Smart Bag     $39.95

Receive: FHS, MHS, DCS, CVS, DCC





Dual-Action Crème Shampoo

  • Massage DCS into dry hair, then add water to remove product build up, rinse, condition, and style hair as usual.



Problem Hair n' Scalp Shampoo

  • PHS contains JoJoba beads to control static and gently removes any flaking


Cleanse n' Volumize Shampoo
  • Contains a new color lock technology based on Amodimethicone that seals the hair shaft to increase color longevity

Clarifying Demineralizing Shampoo
  • Is great for swimmers all year round.
  • Can help prevent spotty color if hair is shampooed with CDS before color service

Dual-Action Crème Conditioner

  • For a deep moisturizing and strengthen treatment, apply DCC, wrap hair in towel or put a plastic processing cap over the hair for 10 minuets and then rinse out. Deep conditions hair leaving it stronger and shiny.



Color Protector Conditioner Styling Aid

  • Use CCS before going into a tanning bed to protect color; at the beach use CCS in the hair to prevent damage from the sun.




Age-Defying Vitamin Oil

  • For a luxurious, nourishing skin bath, put 3 tablespoons of AVO into hot bath water and enjoy.



Straight n' Curl Serum

  • Before flat ironing apply a small amount of SCS to a section of the hair for increased shine and protection from the heat.

  • On straight hair apply small amounts of SCS all over, comb through, then using a diffuser coax curl and wave into the hair.



Foam Lift Plus

  • FLP is great to give any type of hair lift from the root area; on fine hair to give fullness all over just spray on, comb through, and style.



Foam Mousse Plus

  • For maximum freshness put a small amount of FMP into hands and comb through hair, great for wet sets too.



Style Gel Plus

  • Great for pincurls and finger waves.

  • Blowdry SGP in for casual day style or slick back hair for sophisticated night look.



Texture Control Wax

  • TCW can be used as a crew cut wax.

  • Piece out or define shorter men's and women's looks.



Texture Control Paste

  • Its like having a hairdresser in a jar.

  • Support fibers in TCP allow you to manipulate hair in any direction you want creating fullness and movement.




Super Shine Spray

  • Once completely done styling hair lightly mist SSS onto style for all day shine.



Flexible Holding Spray

  • FHS sprayed onto the hair before using a curling iron locks curl in firmer while creating shine (will not stick to iron).

  • For a firmer hold layer FHS down onto the hair.



Maximum Holding Spray

  • MHS locks your style in firmly for all day hold.

  • Spray onto curly hair to get firm curls with a high gloss shine.