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Dennis Bernard Inc. was founded in 1950 by Eugene Campanaro a licensed barber/beautician, Foggia, Italy, who opened the first barber/salon location, Phil & Gene's in Union, NJ.


Dennis Bernard Campanaro started working in his dad's salon at the age of five and for many years was able to learn the business and gain the knowledge to one day become a future hairstylist, salon and chain owner. In 1981 after securing his NJ state license, Dennis working with his dad developed a new innovative product which would change the course of hair color services within the beauty industry. Using the Jheri Redding methods of oils as conditioners, exact measurements were configured to develop and speed up hair color services to under 15 minutes (including super resistant) while super conditioning and eliminating fadeout associated with hair color services. Thus POWERTOOLS for hair color was tested, re-tested and tested again with selected stylist's within the Total Image salon chain. In 1986 the marketing begun and throughout the next ten years the beauty world was introduced to this new POWERTOOL additive which would step up hair color to its next level. In 1999 with color services becoming a major part of hair care, the company repackaged the product and changed the name to "TCA" The Color Accelerator. Dennis Bernard's "TCA" as part of the POWERTOOLS for professional hair color brand is now sold thru master distributors in over 20 countries and recognized as the staple in the accelerator category by United States distributors.


Over the years Dennis Bernard Inc. continues to market "TCA" as part of the POWERTOOLS  brand for professional hair color, while introducing and expanding the company.  In addition to POWERTOOLS, smartSOLUTIONS education/DVD's, banners, posters, style books and reception area magazines are presently being marketed.


Eugene Campanaro passed away on September 27, 2002 at the age of 83.  Before his passing his last days behind the chair were spent servicing several customers each day.  He was well regarded, respected and will be missed by all who knew him.  The beauty industry has been forever changed through his many accomplishments.


Michael Campanaro (VP operations), 57 passed away on November 14, 2004. Michael passed from the complications caused by diabetes after a long struggle with heart and kidney problems and years of continuing medical conditions. Michael helped start Total Image Hairdesigners Inc., and Dennis Bernard, Inc. and would often be seen at trade shows representing the company.


Under the direction of Dennis Bernard Campanaro, Sandee, Angelica, Mark and brother Jeffrey, as well as Cy Singer (VP Business Development), the company has exhibited at over 1527 worldwide shows growing the Dennis Bernard brands.





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