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  10-12-12 Check It Out! Grey Oxidizing Drops In Modern Salon's October Issue



8-24-12 Our Smart Solutions Texture Control Wax In Modern Salon's August Issue

Our TCW was ranked #1 in there Dorm Troopers article in this month's Modern Salon.



8-10-12 Dennis Bernard Inc. In Hot For Hair's Magazine

Check It Out! Proud Owner and CEO, Dennis Bernard, talks with Hot by Hair's Magazine about continued growth and things to come! CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

10-06-11 Dennis Bernard Inc. Youtube Smart Solutions



10-21-10 Dennis Bernard Inc. Birmingham Show Raffle

The Dennis Bernard raffle winners of the Birmingham show are Michelle Fuller and Teresa Mullis.


10-21-10 Dennis Bernard Inc. Minnesota Show Raffle

The Dennis Bernard raffle winners of the Minnesota show are Cally Fredrickson, Chris Guse, and Caula O'Hotto.


10-21-10 As seen in Modern Salon Swinging Sixties Looks from Dianna Lopez

Dianna Lopez is an accomplished hair stylist and platform artist. She is a national educator for Dennis Bernard, Inc. and Smart Solutions and finds time to indulge her creativity with regular style collections. Updated '60s looks become 2010 must-haves


10-19-10 Dennis Bernard Inc. North Carolina Show Raffle

The Dennis Bernard raffle winners of the North Carolina show are Cindy Harris and Amy Adams.
CONGRATULATIONS Cindy & Amy !!!!!!!!!


10-14-10 Dennis Bernard Inc. Emiliani Beauty Show Raffle

The Dennis Bernard raffle winners of the Emiliani Beauty show are Jennifer Siembab and Maria Torres.


10-13-10 Dennis Bernard Inc. Columbus Ohio Raffle

The Dennis Bernard raffle winners of the Columbus Ohio Hair show are Angie Dennison, Cassie Burbo, and Karin Bernard.


  10-5-10 Dennis Bernard Inc. Armstrong McCall Texas Raffle

The Dennis Bernard raffle winners of the Armstrong McCall Texas Hair show are Eileen Cheslock, Deborah McClellan, and Leanne Campbell.


10-5-10 Dennis Bernard Inc. Launchpad's Readers Choice Awards

Congrats from Launchpad!
Dennis Bernard is a winner in the following categories of Launchpad's Readers Choice Awards:

Best Haircare--Color Care: Smart Solutions Color Protector Styling Aid
Best Stylers--Wax/Pomade: Smart Solutions Texture Control Wax


  9-23-10 Dennis Bernard Inc. Hershey Pennsylvania Raffle

The Dennis Bernard raffle winners of the Hershey Pennsylvania Hair show are Corina Gilardi and Jennifer Maxwell.


  7-22-10 Dennis Bernard Inc. Expo Latino Long Beach Raffle

The Dennis Bernard raffle winners of the Expo Latino Long Beach are Irma Silva and Briana Lacvesta.


  6-21-10 Dennis Bernard Inc. Los Angeles Color Energizing Summit Raffle

The Dennis Bernard raffle winners of the Los Angeles Color Energizing Summit are Brittany Bates and Nicole Rossi.


  6-10-10 Dennis Bernard Inc. Orlando Raffle

The Dennis Bernard raffle winners of the Orlando Hair show are Ashley Mitchell and Karen Gregory. 


  5-27-10 Dennis Bernard Inc. Announces Release of Three New Shampoos

Dennis Bernard is pleased to announce the addition of three new shampoos in the smart SOLUTIONS line. Each is a solution to a specific client issue. For the client that wants a professional shampoo at a value price there is Cleanse n’ Volumize Shampoo (CVS). An everyday shampoo that improves the condition of damaged hair while adding volume, enhancing color and adding shine. CVS is paraben free. Problem Hair n’ Scalp Shampoo (PHS) treats dandruff, relieves dryness and eliminates flaking while nourishing the hair and scalp. PHS contains state of the art Jojoba Beads that gently remove flaking and along with Zinc Pyrithicone fight scalp scaling and itching. PHS normalizes oily hair and is sulfate, paraben and sodium chloride free. For swimmers, for use before chemical services and to remove build-up there is Clarifying Demineralizing Shampoo (CDS). CDS is sulfate free and paraben free using natural chelating ingredients to demineralize and remove product buildup.


1-2-10 Dennis Bernard Inc. Welcomes New Australian Master Distributor

Dennis Bernard, Inc. welcomes Charles Cayzer, Australian International Industries, LTD, Scoresby, Victoria as the newest member of the family of DBI POWERTOOLS and smart SOLUTIONS distributors. “We are excited to welcome Charles and his associates on board”, states President/CEO, Dennis Bernard Campanaro, “Australia is a growing market, and Charles marketing and education methods will align with our company’s mission as well as play an important part in our product’s success down-under.


12-3-09 Dennis Bernard Inc. Congratulates A.J. Sbaraglia

Born in Misawa, Japan A.J. Sbaraglia was taken by the art of the Orient from a very young age. His love of art followed him through to his love of hairdressing. His proudest moments were becoming a US Citizen in 1969 and becoming a hairdresser. AJ attended Cosmetology School in 1985 and has worked throughout the US including Denver, Atlantic City, Florida and internationally in Spain. He settled in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has owned Reputations Hair Salon since 1999. He was an educator for the number one beauty manufacturer for 10 years and now works as a platform artist for Dennis Bernard, Inc.

 AJ’s passion for education, people, and the beauty industry coupled with his warm, understanding manner make him a world class educator.


  10-28-09 Dennis Bernard Inc. Announces Release of Three New Products

      Age-Defying Vitamin Oil (AVO), Super Shine Spray (SSS) and Maximum Holding Spray (MHS)



Freehold — October 28, 2009 — Today, Dennis Bernard Campanaro, CEO/President of Dennis Bernard, Inc. announced the release of three new additions to his smart SOLUTIONS styling line. The three products are smart SOLUTIONS Age-Defying Vitamin Oil (AVO), Super Shine Spray (SSS) and Maximum Holding Spray (MHS).

Dennis Bernard didn’t want a copy-cat oil so he compounded AVO with a mixture of Argan, Avocado and Plum Oils to nourish the hair, along with Hydrolyzed Soy Proteins to give the hair strength and sunscreen to protect the hair. AVO eliminates frizz, restores and conditions the hair.

SSS, creates a sexy, shiny finish for all hair types without weighing the style down. It illuminates the hair with a reflective blend of Hydrolyzed Keratin Protein and Plant Extracts to strengthen and shine while preventing UV damage.

The holding properties of MHS far surpass any firm holding non-aerosols currently on the market. It is fast drying, flake-free and humidity resistant to the max. As with all smart SOLUTIONS products all products work to prevent color fade-out and are paraben free.

                                 Impressive Rate of Stylist Input

Dennis Bernard is releasing products to grow his lines based on input from stylists all over the world. The global economy has dictated a need for value priced salon available products for both stylists and consumers. Salons have appreciated getting a quality product for a fair price to resell to their clients. He is developing products based on his customer base giving their input as to the type and category of future releases. Dennis Bernard states, “Listening to the stylist has always been the key to continuing to growing a line in any economy. We look forward to helping our salon partners make it through these challenging times.”



10-23-09 Joe Santy on Diversion

Joe Santy, VP of Education for Dennis Bernard Inc. talks about the company's firm stance on product diversion. This is part two of Editor Maggie Mulhern's interview with Santy. The interview took place during a Modern Salon How-To photoshoot (October 2009 issue). To see the results of this shoot, check out Place Perfect by Joe Santy.



10-23-09 Joe Santy's Favorite Products as seen in Modern Salon

Joe Santy, VP of Education for Dennis Bernard Inc. is one of MODERN SALON October 2009 featured artists. Editor Maggie Mulhern asked Santy about the products he used in this exclusive photoshoot. Watch this video to hear what he had to say. See the How-To for steps to create this look: Place Perfect by Joe Santy.



7-28-09 Dennis Bernard Inc. Congratulates Lisa Bingham



Lisa Bingham of Kerville, Texas met Dennis Bernard Campanaro, President/CEO Dennis Bernard, Inc, while attending her first hair show; the Armstrong Mc Call World's Fair Show. The then, seventeen year old Lisa, was attending Conlee’s College of Cosmetology in Kerrville while still in high school. At the show she was captivated by one booth that was extremely busy, she went up introduced herself and a relationship with Dennis Bernard, Inc. began. During the next several months, Lisa's persistence in consistently e-mailing and phoning Dennis' office gained her approval and trust with him. Dennis put her through a process to see if she was serious and Lisa passed with flying colors! This opportunity has given Lisa, now only twenty years old, valuable experience becoming the door opener most new comers could only dream about. Lisa is presently working in a Texas salon. She assists Joe Santy, VP of Education at shows nationally and has recently done a few on her own. "This rising star's future with my company looks very bright and will continue for years to come. Lisa exemplifies the type of educator we want on board at DBI", states Dennis Bernard.


7-17-09 Dennis Bernard Inc. Launches New Website Design



Dennis Bernard Campanaro is proud to announce the redesign of his web site The web site is the largest, most comprehensive source for Reception Area Books, How-To Educational Books, DVD’s, Salon Banners and Posters and education on using the Dennis Bernard, Inc. POWERTOOLS and smart SOLUTIONS lines. A lot of the materials are in Spanish and English and there is a plethora of educational products for the ethnic industry as well. The easy to navigate web site also offers company news, upcoming shows, sample requests, product specials and videos along with in–depth education on TCA, The Color Accelerator. Dennis Bernard states,"I invested in these changes to my website to better serve stylists and our distributors worldwide. Making our site easier to navigate and increasing it's educational content has become one of our top platforms for the industry."


7-16-09 Dennis Bernard Inc. Launches SGP, Style Gel Plus



Dennis Bernard Campanaro is proud to introduce SGP, Style Gel Plus color hold. SGP is great for all hair types and has a variable hold factor to suit any style needs. This is no ordinary gel. State of the art ingredients such as Hydrolyzed Cashmere Keratin strengthen and condition the hair. Sunflower Seed Extract protects against free radical damage and color fading: Rose, Chamomile and Sage Extracts further help to hold natural and artificial color in the hair. Panthenol thickens the hair while Shea Butter increases the brilliance and shine on all hair types. SGP’s self-adjusting formula can be blow dried into the hair or left to natural dry holding even thicker hair in place all day. It is flake-free and easily reactivated with a light spray of water. Dennis Bernard says, “You will have total control and great conditioning with SGP no matter what your hair type is.”


7-14-09 Education is Key



Dennis Bernard Campanaro, President/CEO Dennis Bernard, Inc. commitment to Education was never more evident than at the Future Professionals Expo. The Future Professionals Expo is run by Empire Education Group and took place at Hershey Park. Empire operates 88 schools in 19 states with over 11,000 Future Professionals. Dennis Bernard's relationship with Empire has been ongoing for years with TCA, The Color Accelerator, and POWERTOOLS part of curriculum. “Our Education Seminars and Book Fairs have given us the opportunity to have personal contact with educators and students across the country. I feel it is easy to talk the talk, but here at Dennis Bernard we are willing to walk the walk. We are committed to outstanding service, quality products, and education for everyone including students, the future of our industry. This has ultimately been the reason for our success, the willingness to go the extra mile”, states Dennis Bernard.


7-10-09 Dennis Bernard, Introduces Diana Bautista Lopez


As a Stylist for 10 years, Dianna Bautista-Lopez has had extensive training and experience in cutting, coloring, and styling. She has traveled the globe attending various hair expos and seminars to further her knowledge and expertise. This work and showcasing led her to meet Dennis Bernard Campanaro, the inventor of TCA in 2007, where he was instantly charmed and captivated by her skill and drive for industry betterment. Dianna's creativity and talent has won her vast contests, including the last being Redken's Nationwide Shades E.Q. color competition. She has worked on many stages, including the main stage at the ISSE Show in Long Beach with industry icon Joe Santy, Vice President of Education for Dennis Bernard, sharing her knowledge and new ideas with other stylists. Dianna is also an in-salon educator teaching her fellow stylists the latest techniques in formal styling, cutting, and coloring in Southern California. "Dianna is a welcome addition to our education team that Joe is putting together and will make an impact in quality education for years to come." states Dennis Bernard.


6-4-09 New Exclusive Distributor Welcomed

Armand Illouz, Expressimmo Inc, Ashdod, ISRAEL has officially been recognized as exclusive distributor for Dennis Bernard, Inc, USA, distributing TCA, The Color Accelerator/POWERTOOLS, as well as the smart SOLUTIONS brands. TCA accelerates hair color/bleach processing time within ten minutes. POWERTOOLS are all problem solving products for chemical and color/bleach servicing. The smart SOLUTIONS brand is sulfate, chloride, and Paraben free and found only in professional salons. "ISRAEL has become an important country in our export plan and joins South Africa, England and Brazil as the most recent states coming aboard", states Dennis Bernard Campanaro, President/CEO.

  4-30-09 New Exclusive Distributor Welcomed


Glauco Fernando Pereira De Godoi, MAF, Beauty Inc, Sao Paulo, Brazil, has officially been recognized as exclusive distributor for Dennis Bernard, Inc, USA, distributing TCA, The Color Accelerator/POWERTOOLS as well as the smart SOLUTIONS brands. TCA accelerates hair color/bleach processing time within ten minutes. POWERTOOLS are all problem solving products for chemical and color/bleach servicing. The smart SOLUTIONS brand is all sulfate, chloride, and Paraben free and found only in professional salons, not diverted. All smart SOLUTIONS are value priced for salon usage and for maintaining hair at home that has been chemically treated or color/bleached. Keratin straightening as well as all services hold longer using smart SOLUTIONS. Brazil has become an important country in our export growth in just a short time, that recognizing the importance of our new exclusive distributor is a given" states Dennis Bernard Campanaro, President/CEO.


1-05-09 POWERTOOLS Re-Launch


Dennis Bernard Campanaro, President/CEO of Dennis Bernard Inc. is proud to announce the relaunch of his “POWERTOOLS for Professional Haircolor”. New packaging, updated formulas and name changes more accurately reflect the function of the products adding to the value of the POWERTOOLS line. The nine SKU line consists of TCA, The Color Accelerator; TCS, The Color Stain Remover; TRA, The Resistant Assistant; CSL, Color Shade Lifter; STB, Stop The Burn; CBC, Color Balance Corrector; CFI, Color Filler Insurance; PCS, Protector-Conditioner-Styling Aid and The Speed Weaver Foiling Comb.“POWERTOOLS for Haircolor” was created to help the stylist produce faster, cleaner and easier color services. From the novice to the most experienced colorist, POWERTOOLS continues to be an invaluable system for producing excellent results.” says Campanaro.


7-20-08 Dennis Bernard Announces New Travel Size Shampoo


Holiday Happenings are made easier for you and your clients with the Dennis Bernard Smart Solutions new 2 ounce travel size Dual-Action Crème Shampoo (DCS). Dennis’ gift to salons this season is that for every three, 2 oz DCS, purchased he will give an additional three for free! Salons can decide whether they would like to give them out as Holiday Favors, Stocking Stuffers, as Free Samples, or retail them for additional profits.


7-15-08 Dennis Bernard Inc. introduces two new products in the Smart Solutions line


Foam Lift Plus color hold (FLP) and Foam Mousse Plus color hold (FMP). Plant extracts provide maximum color hold, preventing fading while keeping the hair in optimum condition. Both products are based on a new paraben-free polymer technology that works great on fine to coarse and curly to straight hair. FLP is unique in that it can be targeted at the root area or dispersed all over the hair for a medium flexible hold. Its non-sticky formula gives the hair body and bounce while increasing its level of shine. The schnozzle and aerosol delivery system places FLP exactly where you want it. Unlike other mousses, FMP’s weightless foam is able to pump up styles on all types of hair while maintaining a touchable feel. It protects the hair from heat while maintaining extreme color hold. For eliminating frizz, increasing shine and getting maximum style control FMP is the Smart Solution. Both products are applied to towel-dried hair, combed through for an even application, and then style as desired. An even application is important to help prevent color fade out. An economical price of $6.99 to salons makes both FLP and FMP a great buy in any economy.


4-25-08 Dennis Bernard, Inc. is proud to announce the release of TCA in a new 4 ounce size


Dennis Bernard Campanaro, President/CEO Dennis Bernard, Inc. is proud to announce the release of TCA in a new 4 ounce size. “The stylists spoke and we listened”, says Campanaro on the request of TCA by stylists in a larger size. TCA up until now was available only in its 55 application, 1.25 ounce size. The new 4 ounce TCA, gives the stylist over 220 applications! Campanaro adds, “Our new size is economical for the salon at pennies per application. The benefits, proven worldwide, of TCA for the client’s hair and stylist’s time/income, are a great return on investment. Fast color is here to stay!”



3-10-08 What Will You Do With Your Free Time?


Dennis Bernard Campanaro, president/CEO, Dennis Bernard, Inc. is proud to announce the companies new ad campaign: “What will you do with your free time?” Dennis states, “The numerous testimonials we receive on how TCA, The Color Accelerator, being part of the PowerTools for professional haircolor line, saves time and adds to service revenues, is what spurred this campaign. Finally, after years of promoting TCA, it seems that more stylists are overcoming fears and myths associated with Fast Color and understanding how TCA is a viable catalyst in increasing their incomes and producing a better end result for their clients. Our marketing department is currently working on a contest based on the “What will you do with your free time?” theme. We want to share how TCA is helping to improve the lives of stylists worldwide and add an element of fun to it with a contest giving away great prizes. Stay tuned!"


2-23-08 Having fun recently at Parisian Beauty Academy's annual fundraiser


Dennis Bernard Campanaro, President/CEO of Dennis Bernard, Inc. caught the fun recently at Parisian Beauty Academy's annual fundraiser benefiting Leeza's Place, The Larry King Cardiac Foundation, Food 4 Africa and Andrew Gomez Dream Foundation. The theme was Moulin Rouge, A Night of Fashion and Hair. Hundreds of students, stylists and others enjoyed an evening of beautiful hair and fashion benefiting great causes. Bernard states, "It was great to see so many motivated, talented students. For companies like mine, it shows we have a great future!"


2-10-08 Beauty Alliance recently held its regional store manager's/manufacturers meeting and awards


Beauty Alliance recently held its regional store manager's/manufacturers meeting and awards dinner in Jacksonville Florida. The stores with the highest percentage of increases in conjunction with the highest volume of sales were recognized. Dennis B. Campanaro, President/CEO, Dennis Bernard, Inc. presented the award for the highest volume of TCA sales to Krystyna Stolavski, BA Merritt Island store manager; and Ranae Breslow, TCA representative with CFN Sales. A great time was had by all with a dinner celebration capping the continuing quarterly event.




Dennis Bernard, President/CEO, Dennis Bernard Inc. announces the addition of Flamingo Beauty Supply in Miami, Florida. Flamingo is DBI's most recent partner representing it's Smart Solutions brand. "With over two hundred distributors in our TCA and PowerTools network, we are positioning ourselves to pick and choose companies that are aligned with our policies, goals and growth plans, especially keeping our products non-diverted. Smart Solutions offers a smart package, generous sizes that are value priced and cost effective to use. The entire Smart Solutions line contains plant extracts for extreme color hold and our SS Dual-Action Creme Shampoo is also sulfate-free", states Dennis Bernard.




After over twenty years of DBI marketing the benefits of TCA, The Color Accelerator, usage with or without heat, and safe-fast processing with color/chemical services, recent articles published have vindicated fast processing with heat. "It is a pleasure after all these years of reading testimonials about the benefits of TCA from stylists worldwide, to now read findings that validate what we have been sharing with stylists for years", states Dennis Bernard, President/CEO, DBI . Renowned chemists such as Frauke Neuser, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Proctor and Gamble, Hair Care division findings include, "Like all chemical reactions, color formulation can be accelerated by adding energy to the system-the simplest being is reassuring to know that most professional haircolor's are stable up to about 130-140 degrees Fahrenheit, a temperature that no one will want to use on a client at any rate." The low dryer heat which accelerates TCA is never more than 10 degrees above room temperature and far below Dr Neuser's findings. "TCA goes way beyond fast processing with or without heat as it prevents fadeout including reds, improves the condition of the hair and leaves the hair with tremendous shine.", adds Dennis Bernard.


08-20 Dennis Bernard Inc. Announces New Smart Solutions Distributors


Dennis Bernard, President/CEO, Dennis Bernard, Inc., announces the recent appointments of it's newest distributor's and launches of the Smart Solutions brand. Beauty Scope, Manassas, VA, Superior Salon Services, La Grange, GA, Salon Essentials, Rockford, MI, and Oken Enterprises, Margate, FL who will join Emiliani, Union, NJ, Schoeneman, Pottsville, PA and Armstrong McCall, Austin, TX as distributor's chosen. "We have a nice blend of both A and B houses as well as aggressive startups that should begin the process of our Smart Solutions brand becoming a household name without the diversion stigma associated with all the other manufactures brands now found on supermarket and drug store shelves. Our process of distributors chosen as well as tight control's from the very beginning can only benefit stylists and salon profits for years to come." states Dennis Bernard.


08-20 Dennis Bernard Inc. Announces New Power Tools Distributors


Dennis Bernard, Inc., recently added Nova Salon Systems, New York Beauty Supply, and Peel's Salon Services to its "TCA" and Power Tools distributor network. "It is such a pleasure to add these great companies to our growing list of distributors nationwide. With our marketing ability to spread the word, excellent education, and customer service being raved about, it is easy to see why our original, clear, easy squeeze-count the drops formula "TCA" is in demand and requested by stylist everywhere and now in 99% of all "A" and "B" houses. With the usage of "TCA" other Power Tools skus are being tried and accepted as making the job easier which gives all of us at DBI satisfaction of how we are helping our industry and color/chemical services in general." states, Dennis Bernard , President/CEO.



08-02 Dennis Bernard Inc. launches Smart Solutions Dual-Action Creme sulfate free Shampoo & Conditioner



Dennis Bernard, Inc., is launching its new 12 oz. Dual-Action Creme sulfate free Shampoo (DCS) and 8 oz. Dual-Action Creme Conditioner (DCC) as part of the Smart Solutions professional brand. "Our niche is simple, a brand developed by hairstylists for hairstylists that is diversion free salon professional products, priced lower than comparable products, upside down larger size gravity feed tubes, with quality ingredients: Chamomile, Sage, Rosemary and Nettle extracts. The plant extracts will protect the color while sulfate free maintains color. Like the shampoo and conditioner, the entire line is developed with plant extracts which will protect color while each products duel usage becomes more economical for hairstylists everywhere," states Dennis Bernard, President/CEO. It's time hairstylists keep profits in their salons and pockets where they belong and products and profits off drug store and supermarket shelves," adds Dennis Bernard.


07-03 Dennis Bernard Inc. Adds 24 Hour, Toll Free, Tech Support Hotline


Dennis Bernard, president/CEO, Dennis Bernard, Inc., has with the success of his "Power Tools for Haircolor" line featuring "TCA", The Color Accelerator; and his Smart Solutions Styling Line, added a twenty-four hour, toll free, customer support technical hotline. It is available at all times for anyone needing answer's regarding our product's usage. "With the growth we continue to experience and enjoy, it's natural that we position ourselves to be readily available at all times to provide excellent customer service. We will also include Spanish language support moving forward" states Dennis Bernard.


06-07 Dennis Bernard Inc. Launches Smart Solutions FHS, Flexible Holding Spray


Dennis Bernard president/CEO Dennis Bernard, Inc. has announced the launch of his new Smart Solutions FHS, Flexible Holding Spray. FHS was developed by hairstylists for hairstylists. It was formulated to be quick drying, non-flaking, weightless, water-free at 55% VOC, and crystal clear for high shine. Its pleasant fragrance will add to it being a universal hit. "FHS's oversized can is economically priced with unsurpassed quality. Our non-diverted products are welcome addition's to every stylist's station and salon's retail shelves. The launch of our 12 ounce sulfate-free shampoo and 8 ounce color hold conditioner in the upcoming weeks will add to the buzz all ready being created by our Smart Solutions and Powertools brands." states Dennis Bernard.


03-07 Dennis Bernard Attends The NCA International Legends Ball


Dennis Bernard and Joe Santy attend the NCA International Legends Ball, honoring the life of Robert Lobetta and the legacy of Paul Mitchell, during the Chicago Midwest Beauty Show. Mary Rector-Gable, President of received the NCA Pillar of Leadership and Community Service Award for her work with the victims of Hurricane Katrina that evening. Industry Icon Robert Lobetta, who was honored that evening for his life and work in advancing the beauty industry both creatively and professionally. Globally Renowned, Award Winning Stylist, Heather Wenman and NCA President Marlene Bridge were also in attendance.


03-01-07 Dennis Bernard Meets With Empire Beauty Schools


Dennis Bernard, President/CEO of Dennis Bernard Inc. and Dottie Sorresi, Director of Education, Empire Beauty Schools, Pottsville NJ met recently to discuss the recent addition of TCA, The Color Accelerator to the school’s curriculum. In addition to the TCA, Dennis presented Ms. Sorresi with an autographed copy of Dr. Lew Losoncy and Joe Santy’s book Passionate Salon Professionals.


02-19-07 Dennis Bernard Inc. Announces The Re-launch Of Their Smart Solutions Line Of Hair Care Products



Dennis Bernard Inc. announces the re-launch of their Smart Solutions line of hair care products for color hold. Incorporating plant extracts of Chamomile, Sage, Rosemary, and Nettle; along with Jojoba, Avocado, Botanical oils; and Pathenol, provide extreme color hold, strengthening and conditioning benefits. The line is being re-launched with new packaging including a 12oz. sulfate free shampoo and 8oz. conditioner at a retail price that will delight stylists as well as their clients. All products in the line have a dual function and the styling products can be easily cocktailed for more versatility. Look for the complete roll out of the line at shows throughout this year.


02-14-07 Dennis Bernard Inc. TCS Stain Remover finds its way to Europe


Dennis Bernard, founder/CEO, Dennis Bernard, Inc. is proud to announce the appointment of Hans J. M. Lorjé, Polo Cosmetics, The Netherlands as exclusive distributor of TCS, Stainremover for The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and in spring 2007 Germany. "It is a great feeling to know that TCS Stainremover, as part of the "Power Tools" line for haircolor is number one in it's USA category and also finding its way worldwide. Being praised by my peers such as Hans that with his experience, TCS fulfills expectation's much more than any other brand marketed in this category is so amazing to learn. TCS, Stainremover for him, clients and consumers is the very best making me excited with the possibilities and new business we are receiving worldwide" states, Dennis Bernard.


01-02-07 Dennis Bernard Inc. Distributes Salon Motivation Book


Dennis Bernard, President/CEO Dennis Bernard, Inc. has just secured the rights for
distribution of Dr. Lew Losoncy and Joe Santy's book, Passionate Salon Professionals "This is a tool, using salons as the backdrop, that when put to work and will move the reader to a “higher purpose” – beyond work life into passionate lifework. In its 272 page paperback are 50 specific tactics, all are down-to-earth and proven, for increasing your professional passion, your passion for relationships and your passion for your everyday life! Perfect for students and seasoned stylists – it is never too late to learn new tricks. If you are looking to make a change in the world you live in, this book is truly for you. The book is available at Allow intrinsic motivation to take you to new heights in your life, your salon and your world, states Dennis Bernard.


12-13-06 Dennis Bernard Inc. Welcomes A New Smart Solutions Distributor - Armstrong McCall


Dennis Bernard, founder/CEO of Dennis Bernard, Inc., announces that Armstrong McCall has taken on distribution of DBI's new Smart Solutions Styling Line. The new brand which features plant extracts for color hold, includes special formulations that neutralize residual peroxide, the main cause of color fadeout. "After twenty years in the beauty industry and having close to two hundred distributors which distribute our TCA and "Power Tools" brand, it becomes easy to select our exclusive partners helping to build the Smart Solutions brand. We are in no rush for distribution and will stay on the slow, steady course that has enabled us, and all industry professionals with us, to keep prospering for years to come. With our continued steady growth we better control our products, stopping the hindrance of diversion. We are daily securing the education channels needed to help build all of our brands. Armstrong McCall joins Emiliani Enterprises and Schoeneman Beauty Company as companies we have selected to partner with. Our goal is to keep all beauty professionals best interests in mind." states Dennis Bernard.!"


12-01-06 Dennis Bernard Inc. Welcomes Joe Santy On Main Stage


Dennis Bernard Incorporated, Freehold, N.J. is pleased to announce that Joe Santy has been named vice president of education. Joe Santy will be responsible for designing and implementing the technical education for DBI as well as putting together it’s national and international design team. Joe Santy is no stranger to education in the professional beauty industry. Starting in 1976 with Arnie Miller, the value of education relative to sales was instilled in him. Joe has been a guest artist for over thirty years. The majority being with Matrix Essentials. He has spoken or educated in all 50 states as well as in various other countries worldwide. Joe is the author of Professional Permanent Waving-My Way. Joe was also co-author of Perming Beyond Great Curl and Passionate Salon Professionals. He is the co-inventor of the Cyberstyler Styling Brush. He has appeared on New York One, CNN and CBS and his work has been featured in all US beauty trade magazines, as well as consumer magazines. American Salon Magazine recently recognized him as one of the beauty industry’s legends.

“It is really a pleasure to have my good friend Joe Santy join our company. Joe brings with him over thirty years of industry experience and education. His diverse background will help elevate our company to higher levels”, states Dennis Bernard President/CEO.




Dennis Bernard, Inc. is launching its newest brand Smart Solutions, natural plant proteins for color hold, finishing products. Emiliani Beauty Company and Schoeneman Corporation are the first two exclusive distributors chosen by the company to represent it's line in NY, NJ, PA, DE, WV. "Interest is very high in all the Dennis Bernard brands and our twenty year old company. The existing diversion problem of other companies, only adds to the interest we are now receiving. With four more exclusive distributor's committed and coming on board, we are taking a slow but steady course rolling out our products. We don't want to make the same mistakes other companies have. Our planned strategy will give us extra control of our product flow, stopping diversion before it starts, without corporate share holders quarterly profits to consider. Owners and stylists can now enjoy profits kept in salons, while growing with a professional only company, for years to come, something this industry has needed for so many years. Having a family business, with a hairdresser's history, is very appealing to many who have chosen to look for alternatives to the corporate mentality and shareholders profits, above industry needs, which is so prevalent and hurting our industry." adds Dennis Bernard, President/CEO




Dennis Bernard, president/CEO, Dennis Bernard, Inc. announces the five grand prize trip to the Midwest Beauty Show winners being, Alberta Esposito, Danikha Hamani, Victoria Boyles, Danielle Iacono, and Julie Sommers, all receiving entrance to the Midwest Show, Hyatt Hotel stay, and transportation (estimated $1000.00 value). Three runner ups, Debbie Umfleet, April Roberts, Jay Luciano received $350.00 in "TCA" and "Power Tools" for professional hair color products. "We consider this contest to have been a huge success not only from the number of responses received, but also receiving the feedback on how happy stylists-colorists, and there clients are satisfied with our products, and how they have changed there color/bleach servicing for the better. Hundreds of testimonials received are now included within our web site for everyone to view and we will from time to time share these responses thru our paid advertising for others to read who do not have computer access," claims Dennis Bernard. Click here to see testimonials.





Dennis Bernard, President/CEO, Dennis Bernard Inc. and Ilya Veytsman, Moscow, Russia have agreed on Charm Distributions becoming an exclusive master distributor for Russian Federation for "TCA" The Color Accelerator and "Power Tools", starting immediately. We welcome Charm Distributions to our family of distributors, especially with their successful penetration of the Russian market with the Sexy Hair Concepts line of products, adds Dennis Bernard.




Dennis Bernard, Inc. Freehold NJ announces the addition of two new distributor's: ABCO, TX and GULF STATES, AL to there USA distributor base. "With the increases in quarterly sales from existing accounts, it's a pleasure being able to add on new distributors, knowing that our staple product "TCA" The Color Accelerator and our "Power Tools" for professional hair color line, still has much growth potential in there category. The products are now taking on a life of there own, as the word is spreading within the industry explains Dennis Bernard, President / CEO.




Dennis Bernard, President/CEO of Dennis Bernard, Inc is sponsoring a contest offering hairdressers the opportunity to win a free trip to the Midwest Beauty Show in Chicago February 2005.

"Our company loves receiving testamonials from stylists who use "TCA", The Color Accelerator. We will reward five randomly selected winning stylists and a companion with three days and two nights at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare for the show. We are also including air transportation and free show admission for all three days" says Bernard. The contest winnings are valued at approximately $1000.00 per person.


11-22-04 Michael Campanaro, VP Dennis Bernard, Inc. passed away on November 14, 2004. 


Michael passed away from the complications caused by diabetes after a long struggle with heart and kidney problems and years of continuing medical conditions.

The family asks for your prayers and any donations be given to heart, kidney or the diabetes foundation, and thanks everyone for there kindness, support and kind words.

Michael helped start Total Image Hairdesigners Inc., and Dennis Bernard, Inc. and would often be seen at trade shows representing the company. Michael over the years became senior vice president of operations until September 2003 when complications from his illness prevented him from continuing his duties.




Empire Beauty Schools, Pottsville, PA and Dennis Bernard, Inc. announce the addition of "TCA" The Color Accelerator and the line of "Power Tools" products for hair color, added to the thirty five school chains curriculum, effective immediately. "With the changing events in hair color, and the worldwide direction moving color/bleach services fast forward, its important for students to be educated while in school" claims Dennis Bernard, president/CEO. Chain salons and now school chains are joining the thousands of stylists and students already saving on there bottom lines, making more money in less time, and offering better conditioned hair color services with no fadeout to happy returning salon customers" added, Dennis Bernard.