All smart SOLUTIONS contain plant extracts for color hold. Our value priced formulas are sulfate, sodium chloride, and paraben free. This smart SOLUTIONS try me package can only be purchased by licensed salon professionals.





Maintain vibrant shiny hair color

Maintain Vibrancy & Shine

By Using smart SOLUTIONS




Smart Solutions Hair Care Products

Typical Color Fade Out






The Plant Extracts for Color Hold which are in all Dennis Bernard products, are extracted to maximum concentration for product creating Super Antioxidants. The Super Antioxidants in all smart SOLUTIONS products protect the hair from harmful radicals & eliminate any damage caused by oxidation.

The dynamics of hair color go beyond formulation. Two key elements are the correct and time efficient application of the color along with the recommendation of a home care regimen to the client.

The application techniques and time factor come with the stylist's experience and are relatively simple to master. However, from the client's perspective, their primary concern is they want their color to stay vibrant and shiny, as if everyday was the day it was done.


*All Smart SOLUTIONS and POWERTOOLS professional products displayed can be purchased through professional stylists, at salons, and cosmetology schools nationwide. Residential and retail purchases will not be accepted and order voided.






Dual-Action Crème Shampoo 

12 oz

SRP: $13.97



  • Contains Chamomile, Sage, Rosemary, and Nettle Extracts

  • Uniquely Blended with Jojoba, Avocado, and Botan Oils To Retain Color Longer

  • A True Paraben, Sulfate, and Sodium Chloride Free Formula





Problem Hair n' Scalp Shampoo

8 oz

SRP: $17.97








  • Zinc Pyrithicone Actives Fight Dandruff

  • Eliminates Flaking

  • Vitamin E Improves Hair and Scalp

  • Jojoba Beads Control Static

  • Gentle Enough To Be Used Daily

  • A True Paraben, Sulfate, and Sodium Chloride Free Formula

  • Protects Color





Cleanse n' Volumize Shampoo

12 oz

SRP: $13.98



  • Value Priced

  • Highly Concentrated

  • Reduces Split Ends

  • Color Lock Technology

  • Paraben Free




Clarifying Demineralizing Shampoo

8 oz

SRP: $10.98








  • Removes Product Build Up

  • Dimineralizes Free Metals and Minerals

  • Great For Swimmers

  • Amino Acids Restore Hair

  • Great Used Before Color and Other Chemical Services





Dual-Action Crème Conditioner

 8 oz

SRP: $15.97



  • Contains Chamomile, Sage, Rosemary, and Nettle Extracts

  • Uniquely Blended With Jojoba, Avocado, and Botan Oils To Retain Color Longer

  • Concentrated And Can Be Used As An Intensive Pac Or As a Daily Conditioner





Color Protector-Conditioner-Styling Aid

6 oz

SRP: $15.97


  • Eliminates Residual Peroxide To Prevent Color Fade-Out

  • Great Daily Leave-In Conditioner

  • Dries Hair 30% Faster





AGE-Defying Vitamin Oil

4 oz

SRP: $34.95


  • Eliminates Frizz

  • Restores & Conditions

  • Vibrant Shine





Straight n' Curl Serum

 4 oz

SRP: $19.99


12 oz

SRP: $37.98


  • Dual-Action, Anti- Frizz Formula

  • Smoothes And Straightens

  • Great For Scrunching Curly Hair Too



Foam Lift Plus - Color Hold



Foam Lift Plus

8.5 oz

SRP: $15.97


  • Medium flexible Hold

  • Targets Volume

  • Natural Feel




Foam Mousse Plus



Foam Mousse Plus

8.4 oz

SRP: $15.97


  • Weightless Foam

  • Adds Volume To Hair

  • Protects Hair From Heat





Style Gel Plus

 5 oz

SRP: $12.97


16 oz

SRP: $23.97


  • Wet or Dry Styling Agent.

  • Flake Free

  • No Build Up

  • Repairs Hair

  • Prevents Color Fade-Out




Fine Hair Gel

5 oz

SRP: $13.98


  • Thickens Fine Hair

  • Flake Free

  • Volumizing




Miracle Gel Spray

8 oz

SRP: $15.98


  • Humidity Resistant

  • Volumizing

  • Thickens Hair





Volumizing Styling Dust

.10 oz

SRP: $13.99


  • Variable Hold

  • Root Boost

  • Texturizer

  • Humidity Resistant

  • Prevents Color Fade-Out




Texture Control Hair Wax



Texture Control Wax

2 oz

SRP: $13.99


  • Weightless Wax - Non Sticky

  • Outstanding On Short Hair

  • Great Shine, Great Fragrance





Texture Control Paste

2 oz

SRP: $13.99


  • Contains Easy To Rinse Micro-Fibers Fro Support

  • Adds Texture To Any Hair Type, Curly or Straight

  • Separate, Define, Piece And Spike






Super Shine Spray

2 oz

SRP: $12.97


  • Weightless Spray

  • Non Greasy

  • Extraordinary Shine



Flexible Holding Hair Spray



Flexible Holding Spray

12 oz

SRP: $16.98


  • Water Free To Keep Hair Weightless

  • Flexible Hold From Light To Firm

  • Doesn't Flake, Easy To Wash Out





Incredible Holding Spray

10 oz

SRP: $16.98


  • Incredible Shine

  • Long Lasting Hold

  • Does Not Flake

  • Water Free

  • Quick Drying

  • Not Sticky

  • No Residue

  • Retains Bounce

  • weightless Formula

  • Easy To Wash Out

  • Light Fragrance

  • Paraben Free






Maximum Holding Spray

8 oz

SRP: $15.97
  • Non-Aerosol

  • Humidity Resistant

  • Conditions and Shines