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Women's How-to Hair Style Books 1

The Edge By Milady Muse Edition with DVD

The Edge by milady: muse edition, continues the journey into the creative process with the client as the center of our inspiration. Travel along with the Milady artistic team as they meet three very different women with specific lifestyles, desires and requests that are uniquely their own. In this edition we explore the art and science of the “Needs Assessment”, an intentional consultation designed to assist you in discovering the needs and desires of your client and collaborating on solutions for meeting those needs. Learn how to meet those needs artistically and creatively with the latest techniques in haircutting, hair coloring and make-up and ignite your passion as you translate your clients’ needs and desires into your own inspiration. Delivered in a print binder with step by step technical’s and DVD this easy to use innovative product is a MUST HAVE for anyone looking to combine artistic design with creativity and inspiration

This months Special    $93.95

The Edge by Milady, Metroluxe Edition with DVD

Welcome to the Edge by Milady: metroluxe edition. This award winning collection was born from the creative minds and hearts of Milady’s design team and takes the individual on a journey of the creative process as our design team collaborates from concept to realization. Experience the trials, tribulations and triumphs as our artists take you step by step through the creative process and learn firsthand how to translate inspiration into a collection of current, wearable hair and makeup. Delivered in a stylish print binder with a DVD, this easy-to-use and innovative product is a MUST HAVE for anyone currently employed as a beauty professional or looking to join the ranks of this exciting industry!

This months Special    $93.95

Trade Secerts of a Haircolor Expert Full Course

Full Printed Version...Discover the Secrets that will Expand Your Creativity and Build Your Confidence in Every Haircolor Situation! Note: Full Course is offered at a 10% Discount Plus Free Bonuses: 1 Hr.DVD of David Teaching at International Haircolor Exchange, 5 Wall Charts & Course Caddy...Limited Time Only!

This months Special    $345.60

How Haircolor Really Works

Discover the Secrets of How Haircolor Really Works and take your work to a whole New Level!

This months Special    $79.00

Great Gray Coverage

Learn the Mystery's of working on Gray Hair and Become a True Haircolor Expert!

This months Special    $69.00

Exotic Brunettes


Learn the truth about how to keep Brunettes Rich and Vibrant without looking Reddish or Flat!

This months Special    $59.00

Amazing Redheads

Discover the hidden Secrets of making Amazing Redheads that resist Fading and Stay True to Tone!

This months Special    $59.00

Incredible Single Process Blondes

You'll Never create a Brassy Blonde again once you uncover the Simple Secrets of How to create Successful Single Process Blonde's!

This months Special    $59.00

Stunning Double Process Blondes

This Book will Take You By The Hand and Walk you Step by Step into Creating Stunning Double Process Blonde's!

This months Special    $59.00

101 Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Consultation

Discover the Trade Secrets of a Haircolor Centered Client Consultation and become master communicator to your clientele.


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