About The Brand

When Dennis Bernard heard the concerns of stylists around the world regarding color fading, he decided to create a line of products formulated with high end ingredients which would surpass any current color hold product on the market while keeping the price reasonable. This would be a win-win for both clients & salon professionals and after four years of testing, smartSOLUTIONS was born.

smartSOLUTIONS products are based on multiple high-quality plant extracts, natural oils and proteins. Not one “super food” or trending ingredient. All are potent antioxidants that protect the hair from the sun, heat & mechanical damage. These paraben free products retain hair color longer while conditioning the hair.

smartSOLUTIONS uses only the finest quality plant extracts & natural oils:


Aloe Leaf Extract is used for its healing and moisturizing properties for the hair and scalp.

Chamomile Flower Extract is used for its anti-inflammatory properties to keep the hair in its natural form, preventing swelling that causes damage while calming the scalp. It’s great for curly hair as Chamomile keeps the curl well-formed & healthy.

Sage Leaf Extract is used for its excellent cleansing and healing properties. It maintains the balance of the hair’s natural oils while cleansing and stimulating hair growth.

Rosemary Extract produces gloss and shine. It has been said that it helps prevent hair loss when massaged into the scalp.

Nettle Extract is a natural astringent that helps remove any impurities and build-up from the hair, while helping to stimulate hair growth.

Seaweed Extract’s high mineral content nourishes & strengthens the hair.


Jojoba Oil has essential fatty acids that maintain the hair’s elasticity and strength while giving the hair incredible shine. Chemically, Jojoba Oil is very similar to human sebum keeping the hair supple without weighing the hair down or making it feel oily.

Avocado Oil is the miracle of the cosmetic oil world. It has a natural source of amino acid proteins that strengthen the hair. It is also a super antioxidant and is high in monosaturated fats and Vitamin E, restoring moisture to overworked hair.

Argan Oil is rich in Vitamin A & E and packed with antioxidants, omega 6 fatty acids & linoleic acids. Its restorative & age defying properties help repair split ends, tame frizz & protect the hair against heat damage.

Yarrow helps to promote hair growth.

Menthol stimulates the scalp for healthier hair growth and alleviates dryness & itching.


Hydrolyzed Quinoa Protein contains all 8 of the essential amino acids.  It nourishes, strengthens and detangles the hair while increasing shine and volume.

Hydrolyzed Soy Protein increases moisture absorption and adds shine while strengthening, nourishing & smoothing the hair.

The smartSOLUTIONS Line

Sulfate Free Shampoo

Sulfate Free | Paraben Free | Infused With Plant Extracts | Highly Concentrated

Hydration & Conditioning

Sulfate Free | Paraben Free | Infused With Plant Extracts | Highly Concentrated

Volume & Styling

Paraben Free | Infused With Plant Extracts | Highly Concentrated

Finishing & All-Day Hold

Weightless | Infused With Plant Extracts | Water-Free