STRAIGHTLINES Smoothing Shampoo For Blonde Hair Shades



The STRAIGHTLINES One Step Permanent Straightening BLONDE formula is designed to maintain hair(s) smoothness, fullness, and shine. Also excellent to prolong the effects of any straightening service that has been performed on hair (i.e STRAIGHTLINES One Step Permanent Straightening Treatment). This unique formula offers protection for the hydro-lipid barrier, scalp, and hair stems, guarding against damage. Enriches with potent anti-frizz and natural ingredients, it provides optimal hydration, making it an ideal choice for maintaining vibrant and lustrous blonde hair. This formula is silicone and paraben free. 

FOR: Chemically treated hair, Bleached, Warm and/or brassy Blondes, Colored, Wavy and Curly, Dry and Damaged, Medium porosity and High porosity